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 S.S. Jigheads


We put a lot of though into producing just the right jigheads for each of our products. We use exclusively sticky-sharp VMC brand hooks and all of our jigheads are poured right here in the USA.


Our 1/16oz ballhead jigs come with a size 4 hook with a wire-keeper and are perfect to pair with our 2" swimbaits for trout, panfish or in the surf. These high quality jigheads  are harder to find and thus more expensive than your run of the mill collared jighead but they make all the differnce in the world. The wire keeper helps your swimbait stay in place and helps you get more casts and more hookups per swimabit than a normal leadhead.



$3.99 per 4-pack


Our ballhead jigs w/ wire keeper are also available in both 1/16oz and 1/8oz with an added underspin for extra flash and attraction.



$3.99 per 2-pack












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