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Joceline  Quiceno with a healthy Brown caught & released at Crowley - Fall 2014




Scott Lee from Duarte, CA with a 9lb football shaped Rainbow caught at Hesperia Lake January 2015 on a cricket jig.



Johnjay Crawford with a trio of fatty Eastern Sierra Browns caught fall 2014 on grasshopper trout jigs.




Malcolm Ortiz with a gorgeous wild Brook Trout caught on a pink crush 2" swimbait - fall 2014.




Craig Miszklevitz with an 8lb 2oz Rainbow caught at Convict Lake, October 2014. This was the largest Trout of the year weighed in at Convict Lake Resort. Caught on a 2" Baby Golden swimbait.




Chris Lobaugh (right) and his partner Greg with a nice haul of Spotted Bay Bass caught in a tournmanent on various 3.5 & 5" swimbaits.



Sergio Fainsztein with a chunky Cedros Calico Bass caught on a 7.5" hitch swimbait





Andre Neresian with a solid Rainbow from the Owens River caught on a 2" swimbait.



18" wild Kamloops Rainbow caught & released in the Eatern Sierra backcountry summer 2014 on a 2" Swimbait.



Johnjay Crawford with a 7lb Rainbow from the June Lake Loop caught on an SS 2" swimbait





Wes Wright with a monster 8lb Rainbow caught at Corona Lake Nov. 22nd, 2013 on an SS pig tail ball & chain.




Danny Cortez with a sweet DVL Striped Bass on a 5" sxy shad swimmy



Chris Lobaugh with a solid Halibut on a 5" Rainbow swimmy



Kenny Vick from Newport Beach with a pig bass caught on a 5" Black Cherry smimbait.



Pro-Staffer Sergio with an enormous 50lb Yellowtail caught Aug. 2013 on a 7.5" Rainbow pattern swimbait.


Sergio 50lb Yellowtail



Pro-staffer Jeff Chowdhury caught this lingcod on a 3.5" bi color spring craw tube Aug. 2013


Jeff Chowdhury Lingcod Sierra Slammer


Pro-Staffer Fish Story Lori with a 1.5llb Sacrament Perch from Crowley Lake caught using a Sierra Slammers root beer gold flake 2" swimmy.


crowley perch swimbait





Pro-Staffer Ryan Wischnack and his brothers opened the 2013 Eastern Sierra at Convict Lake and had a great day out there with their best six fish combined to weigh in just a hair under 20lbs!! The SS Baby Brown trout jig was the weapon of choice.




S.S. Pro Staffer Johnjay Crawford with a solid 4lb 4oz holdover Rainbow from South Lake in Bishop on opening day. Johnjay was tossing the baby 'bow 2" swimbait at the Rock Slide.


johnjay crawford south lake 4-28-13



Sierra Slammers owner Jared Smith with a solid 3.87lb Smallmouth Bass slow rolling a 3.5" Rainbow swimbait at Lake Almanor.




Chris from SD nailed this beautiful Mission Bay Halibut on a 5" blue shiner swimbait.




Chris Lacato from Florida has had some killer days on Peacock Bass back east with those monster Peackock Bass crushing the Black Cherry swimbait.





Tony Dupree caught this monster at the back side of Santa Rosa Island on the Aloha Spirt. Tom was using a dropper loop rig with a 3.5" Black Cherry swimbait.


Tony Dupree Longcod


Fisherman's Access regular Frank Guzman of Downey, CA had one heck of a week, first scoring a whopping 16lber on a perch fry slammer jig and then following that up with a 15lber a few days later bottom bouncing a pearl 2" swimbait. Congrats!


frank guzman 16lber slammer jig




Sergio Fainsztein with a 6lb saltwater grass bass (just 6oz short of the world record) caught on a 5" black cherry swimbait.




4lb 8oz Clear Lake Largemouth caught Nov. 2012 on the jig with a Sierra Slammer 3.5" light hitch smimbait trailer (product release Jan. 2013)




Smitty with a 4lb Alper's Rainbow caught at South Lake in Fall 2012 on a grasshopper Sierra Slammer jig.


jared smith sierra slammer jig




Pro-Staffer Dan Rollins with an 18" Golden from an undisclosed Eastern Sierra Lake. Fish caught and released using a Sierra Slammer jig - Summer 2012.





Pro-Staffer Dan Rollins with a solid 4lber caught at South Lake in Bishop, CA using a SLK Special trout jig - Summer 2012






Natalie Malone of Santa Clarita with a 5.07lb rainbow caught at South Lake using the Sierra Slammers grasshopper jig and a baby brookie trout worm trailer.



5.85lb chunk caught Nov. 2012 on the Sierra Slammer light hitch 7" swimbait. (product release Jan. 2013)









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