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The Sierra Slammers

Field Staff



Sierra Slammers has selected a highly skiled group of collaborators to help in the development and testing of all Sierra Slammer products. This group of dedicated anglers not only catch a ton of fish, but have the insight, experience, and knowledge necessary to insure that Sierra Slammer Custom Baits continually evolves with cutting edge color combinations and innovative products.


Billy Hines, Vacaville, CA



Professional bass angler and fishing guide Billy Hines is the newest addition to the SS crew. Billy has been bass fishing competitively for the past 10 years. He loves to be on the water "hookin' em"  especially when he is taking kids out for the first time. His goal is to become Angler of the Year and win the Bassmaster Classic at least once. He is fishing both the FLW and Bassmaster opens in 2014.


In addition to Sierra Slammers, Billy is also sponsored by Gone Fishing Marine, Lews, River 2 Sea, IROD, Vicious Fishing, Haber Vision, Snag Proof, Save Phase, Black Dog Baits and Hines Custom Iron



Robert Tibbets, Susanville, CA



Up and coming tournament angler Robert Tibbets is addicted to hunting and fishing. 2013 AOY Mountain Bass, 3rd place finish at the Anglers Choice Pro-Am Clear Lake in 2012, 31.72lb sack of Spotted Bass at Bullards Bar in spring 2013 are some of his fishing highlights over the last year. Swimbaits are his favorite lure and he plans to take the SS swimbaits on the road in the Angler Choice Pro Team and BBT in 2014.






Ryan Wischnack, Santa Clairta, CA

Bass & Trout


Ryan is one of the most prolific up and coming tournament bass anglers in Southern California. The 2011 WON Socal section Angler of Year has a knack for fishing that is simply uncanny. His home lake is Castaic but Ryan has put in time at nearly all of the best Bass fisheries in Southern California. In addition to his Bass chops, Ryan is also an incredibly adept Trout angler and spent three full seasons in the Sierras honing his skills in both roadside and backcountry waters.







Sergio Fainsztein, Costa Mesa, CA


Sergio is a top saltwater fisherman in southern California and is an accomplished angler for a myriad of game fish species ranging from inshore Calico Bass and Halibut to exotic offshore pelagics such as Tuna, Dorado, and Yellowtail. Sergio is the director of, Co-Director of the prestigious Owner Hooks Fishing Schools, and a fishing industry public speaker giving seminars and tutorials at conferences, retail outlets, and fishing clubs. His expertise has made him a fixture on Southern California outdoor radio programs and he is the host of Angler Chronicles, his very own outdoors show on Fox Sports West.






Sergio 50lb Yellowtail



Jeff "Jefe" Chowdhurry - Santa Clarita, CA

Bass & Trout


Jeff's home lake is Castaic where catching trophy bass is an addiction. Jeff also worked three full seasons at Parchers Resort in Bishop, CA and is one of the best trout sticks anywhere. Jefe's trout specialty is mini-jigs and other soft plastics making him a perfect fit for the Sierra Slammer team.



 Dan Rollins - Santa Clarita, CA



Dan is an avid backcountry angler, backpacker, and experienced mountaineer. Remote destinations holding trophy wild trout, along with the roadside waters of the Eastern Sierra are his specialty.




Johnjay Crawford - Simi Valley, CA



Avid Eastern Sierra and Socal Trouter Johnjay is a magnet for trophy trout. An experienced backcountry stick as well, Johnjay has embarked on some very impressive excursions into the Eastern Sierra wilderness in search of trophy wild trout over the past few years further elevating his skills as an angler.




Tim Carnahan & "Fish Story" Lori  Carnahan - Rancho Mirage, CA



With decades of experience fishing the Eastern Sierras, it's hard to find a couple more dedicated and more skilled at scoring big fish in the high country than Tim & Lori. Being regulars at DVL in Southern California for years further expanded their Trout catching skills. Owners of their own brand of art products and apparell, they are not just talented anglers, but talented people!





Mike Stevens - San Diego, CA

Trout & Surf


Accomplished writer and addicted angler, Mike is a skilled fisherman in both fresh and saltwater. Exceptional skills at the roadside lakes and backcountry fisheries of the Eastern Sierra made him a perfect fit for the Sierra Slammers team.





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